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Meet the Artisans

Jennifer Cunningham – Gallery 132 Owner, Jewelry, Natural Skincare and Fiber Art

My dream has alway been to open a venue where artisans can display, sell and teach their craft. I’m absolutely thrilled to work with artisans in our area, as well as collaborate with various businesses in town to build camaraderie and success for all of us.


My jewelry designs are part of Gallery 132. I also create a custom line of all-natural skincare products, paint and wet felt (when I have time).

Marla Miles – Watercolor and Ink, 42 Art

I am retired from a long successful career in banking. I enjoy my family, traveling, quilting and painting.


The abstract art I’m currently creating is watercolor and ink on yupo paper. This gives me the freedom of  spontaneity, as well as my love of happy colors.  The result is unpretentious and fun.


I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share my passion.

Wendy Ledsham – Dot painting, Fiber Artist

My life in the UK led me to love and appreciate the contrasting colors in the landscape. The vivid purple of the heather on the moor, the bright green of the fields and the dark branches of the trees against the bright blue of the sky. I have been drawing and painting all my life, dabbling in various mediums but have constantly been drawn back to using color on a contrasting background.


My spiritual beliefs and passion for life, along with my love of vibrant color drew me into creating mandalas, and eventually into the form of painting that is known as ‘dotillism’.


Each mandala I create begins with a dot in the center of the canvas. The pattern unravels as I work. I rely on my instinct to tell me which direction the design should go and I am often surprised by the work I end up with as it is not always what I intended!


Click here to visit my Facebook page.

Laurra Fitzgerald – Jewelry

I began designing jewelry inspired by my music using broken pottery and glass.  I have expanded that vision to include certification in the use of Precious Metal Clays, which has become my specialty. I love the beauty of Colorado, the National Parks, and am inspired by the nature around my home and travels, which I often incorporate into my PMC designs. I teach precious metal clay design.

Dayna Morgan – Jewelry

My husband and I moved to Monument in 1991. I’ve had several successful years in the IT world working with the local military bases. My husband worked for NATO in Afghanistan, which left me with time to explore.


I began meeting local community folks at The Bead Corner because I would stop just to pet the cat and was opened to a whole new world.


I have taken several silver/copper classes in Santa Fe, Denver and even Monument since then and have developed a passion for Copper PMC over the years.  I love using a torch, dremmel and hammer to create one of a kind copper pieces from clay, sheet metal, wire and precious stones.  My art is being enjoyed all over the world including Mexico and Turkey.

Sarah Gonzalez – Acrylic Painter, Sarah G. Original Art

I’ve had a passion to create since I was five years old. Throughout my life, I’ve dabbled in different types of art and creations. I’ve experimented with many processes and mediums ranging from hand sculpted jewelry, clothing design, and murals to drawing with charcoal and graphite. Out of all of the styles and techniques, painting has been my favorite!


Around 2009,  after years of “dabbling” in and out of painting, I literally woke up one day and said, “I’m gonna go for it!  Go for my dream of being a full time artist!”  I started creating paintings at a feverish pace in between working at restaurants and other odd jobs, just to keep the bills paid.


The turning point in my journey came when I decided  to combine a few of the techniques I’d been doing separately on different paintings into one style. Since then, I’ve been a part of numerous art festivals and have expanded into creating custom pieces for clients. It’s been so rewarding meeting new people and collaborating with them to create the perfect piece for their homes.


I am truly thankful to be living my dream and cannot wait to see what lies around the corner!!! You can find more of my work on Facebook and my web site.

Stephanie Brown – Fused Glass

My various art forms seem to ebb and flow through me at their own bidding. I may be preparing the materials for my current fused glass piece and visions will fly in for three more projects; the face of a child or the slant of low afternoon light will demand documentation through the lens of my camera; bits of mismatched jewelry, images of fantasies and scraps of home made paper can leap into place for a collage; while walking in the woods thoughts of a lover may transform into a completed poem before my return home; or spirits of departed people or creatures without voice may whisper their request for representation on the printed page.


Most of my school years were in Colorado Springs; the majority of my professional career as a nurse practitioner was in the far-flung villages of Alaska and my most memorable, and rewarding, work experiences were while delivering health care in East Africa.


I’ve traveled extensively and, especially during the solo trips, it was common to develop relationships that allowed a more intimate view into the people, their culture, their experiences and the physical world in which they lived. All of this and my attention to the beauty of our natural world has provided a treasure trove of inspiration which I mine for the art I now create. I hope there is something that speaks to you.

Al Duhaime – Watercolor, Old Geezer Art

After spending 50+ years as an architect, Al retired and decided to explore watercolor painting. He has and is continuing to expand his knowledge and techniques through professionally—led classes. He is an octogenarian in years only.


One of his original works was selected “Best in Show” at the Palmer Lake Art Show in October 2017. His extensive travels give him his inspiration, creating a great variety of color schemes, themes and emotion.

Julie Stover – B.E.A.D. Bead Elegance and Design
Julie is an amazing bead embroidery designer. She does lots of other types of beading, but her favorite is bead embroidery. Most of her designs are with turquoise and a southwest flare. She uses free-form cabochons in her designs because of the challenge and resulting one-of-a-kind design. Julie loves working with beads of all kinds because there are no rules in the designing and anything goes, calling it one of the most forgiving crafts she knows.


Julie grew up in South Georgia. Her husband Charlie was in the military for a little more than 8 years. They lived in Jacksonville Florida for 13 years before moving to Colorado in 2010. Julie works as a operating room nurse and beading helps her relax in her down time.


Julie has been teaching bead embroidery for four years and will have classes in the gallery.

Rick Wheeler – Woodturner
As a Colorado native, I have always loved the mountains and the forests. I used to look at the forest as a whole. Now I take a deeper look into the individual trees with all their inner unique beauty. For fourteen years I’ve enjoyed revealing the colors, patterns and grains of wood found on the inside of trees. I like to share what I find hidden within the wood with others, and perhaps inspire them to look closer at the things around us.


This all started when I visited a gallery in Grand Lake and saw a number of vases and lamps made of wood. That inspired me to try my hand at wood working, so for my birthday, I bought a lathe for my wife to give me. This started an incredible journey. Even a stroke six years ago has not stopped me. I hope my work will help you to see the beauty around you and encourage you to find your special gift.

Larry Haught – Watercolor
Larry is a graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago where he specialized in Advertising Art. He also has a BA from Eastern Illinois University.


He worked in a small advertising agency in Chicago for two years before entering a career in federal civil service.  He recently retired with over 38 years of providing management of graphics, photography, video production, presentation services and video teleconferencing for various Air Force installations.


Always having a love for watercolor painting, he decided to make a serious  attempt at this difficult media.  He has attended work shops with Martha  Mans, Eric Weingardt, Stephen Quiller, David Drummond, Tom Owens, Mark Mehaffey,Ted Nuttel and John Salminen.


Larry is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, the Colorado Watercolor Society, the Kansas Watercolor Society, and the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society.  His paintings can be found in homes and business’ around the United States and in Europe.

Joan Judge – Watercolor

After a 30-year career as a computer analyst, Joan decided to reinvent herself as an artist and started taking drawing and painting classes and workshops of every sort and size, including on-going instruction, advice, and inspiration from well-known local artists.


Joan’s work has been accepted in a number of National and International Watercolor Exhibitions and she will have three pieces on display in the Colorado Watercolor Society’s New Trends Exhibition at the Castle Rock Adventist Hospital in September and October 2018.  She has also had the opportunity to show and contribute to fund raisers at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center for the past three years.  She is a signature member of the Colorado Watercolor Society and the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society.

Lynette Gruenfeld – Watercolor and Ink

I was born and raised in Wisconsin with gloomy skies and harsh climate. I moved to Colorado in 1979 and fell in love with the beauty of the Rockies, the sunshine and the unbelievable wildlife.


My career was in mortgage banking for 32 years. In 2016 I retired and began to teach myself to paint with watercolor and acrylic. I was so inspired by the Colorado wildlife that I began to paint what I saw. This year I began to work with alcohol ink, which is such a different medium from watercolor. It’s exciting how it moves on various surfaces. I have fun with it every day.


“Half Moon” was my nick name growing up because when I smile my eyes look like half moons!

Diana Zombola – Fused Glass

I have always been fascinated by the arts. I hold degrees in music education (BMuEd) and counseling and guidance (MA). I am one of the founding members of the Chamber Orchestra of the Springs, having served for 25 years as the Principal Violist. I recently stepped down from the responsibilities of Principal in order to dedicate time to my glass.


Growing up I was always drawing or dabbling with something artistic. I began my love of glass more than 25 years ago, then put it away to raise two daughters.  When my youngest went away to college, I decided to take some refresher classes and discovered glass fusing.


I have studied under some of the giants in glass fusing; Patty Gray, Gil Reynolds, Kent Lauer, Jim Gregory, Newy Fagan, Janet Zambia, Laurie Spray, Kate McLeod, Robert Leatherbarrow, and Michael Dupille. I am always open to new ideas and experimenting with different glass techniques. I often describe myself as a glass addict. There is nothing more fun than creating something original in glass.

Petr Rudnev – Painter

Petr was born in a small village in eastern Russia, on the banks of Lake Baikal near the border of Mongolia. He loved all things handmade since a very young age (his first artwork featured in a competition when he was in kindergarten). Petr studied art throughout his school years and moved to St Petersburg by himself at 16 years of age to complete his education at the prestigious Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design.


Petr’s current works are primarily acrylics, but his passion is to master many different mediums in his work. Having made Colorado his home, his preferred subjects are the gorgeous views and stunning nature the state affords him.

Bob Garrett – Hand-hewn Wood

Bob creates hand-hewn bowls from Aspen logs using ax, adze, draw knife and gouge. The use of local Colorado trees brings a Rocky Mountain twist to a traditionally Eastern United States art form.


About a decade ago Bob’s wife returned from a trip to the Southern Appalachians. She asked him to make her hand-hewn bowls like she had seen. This began an interesting journey of discovery. Unlike turning bowls on a lathe, hand hewing bowls require green trees that are soft enough to carve. Bob carves bowls from Aspen logs with unique character and coloration. Each bowl takes several months to complete. The process begins with cutting a section of log, which starts a 24-hour clock to remove more than 90% of the wood by hand so they are thin enough not to crack upon drying. The roughed-out bowls are then dried for several months, followed by a final carving and finishing.


Bob moved to the Black Forest in 2010, achieving a life-long dream of living in the Rockies. In 2014 he retired and begin exploring the remote wild areas of Colorado’s high country. In the winters, when the streams get too thick to fish, he turns to wood working.

Amanda Jaten – Mindful Jewelry

Amanda Jaten is the founder of MeraKalpa Malas. She also teaches the art of Mala making in her workshops and through her collection of Mala Necklace Kits which were recently featured in Yoga Journal.


After more than ten years as a corporate professional, she chose to follow her heart and pursue a life of meaning and intention with her mindful jewelry. Her kits are made and shipped through a meaningful partnership with a nonprofit which provides employment and opportunities to people with disabilities. Amanda’s mission is to help others discover their true gifts, follow their dreams and live with purpose.

Pati Walton – Glass and Copper Jewelry

Pati started her artistic career in 1979 making copper foil stained glass. She went on to make intricate glass kaleidoscopes and jewelry boxes. In 1992 she learned to make glass beads and was immediately hooked. She has taught classes across America, Europe and Japan. She is mostly known for her aquarium beads and intricate mountain scenes. In 2008 she taught flameworking in Murano, Italy at Murano Magic and in 2013 was a featured artist at the Annual Flame Off in England.


About a year ago Pati started combining enameled copper with her lampworking. Most recently she has been using copper pieces prepared and colored using Prismacolor premier pencils. It’s a time consuming process but the results are well worth it.


Pati has been featured in numerous books and magazines and has won several state and national shows.

Guest Artisans

John Haines – Functional Pottery

Michelle Sokol – Photography Cards

Bud Smoot – Whimsical Birdhouses

Laurel Astor – Pastels

Jon Nelson – Woodcarving

Megan Bassett – Fused Glass Jewelry

If you are interested in becoming a part of Gallery 132, click here for our on-line application.  


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